unclean water

December 2, 2008

Almost of under developed country are still under pressure of unclean water.It’s still kake a highest problem for us (living in Africa).But as you know ;water is life;it is more than important then.To be fanck ;especially here in Madagascar;we have alot of water ressources but the treatment of it couldn”t answer the global neads of people; and sometimes lot of poor people haven”t even the access to drink clean water. So those problems caused a different kinds of disease such as cholera;bellyach;….The most victims are the children;and it still keeps a very high death rates here in Madagascar . By the way ; thanks very much for the governement effort to abolush these problem but right now it”s still our problem.



Is it because of the poverty?

November 28, 2008


Here in Tamatave is getting like in a big a town. Everywhere you go, you can find a bands of children on the street without anything to do,  especially at the big market or bazary be and the small market or bazary kely. Almost of them aren’t from here but they came here for fetching money in town without any qualifications skill. So nobody can offer them a job, because they haven’t any skill of the job and indeed they are still under ages(5-17). Then they decided to form a band in a crwod people place. Some of them are going to beg and the older are going to pickpocket. That brings the unsecurities here in Tamatave. Sometimes, I ask myself, why the government doesn’t focus on that problem? Very dificult situations. But something is sure that, they have to go to school, they have to eat, they have to dress up, in summary THEY HAVE TO BE HELPED especially we’re in preparation of christmas and new year party. So let’s help them, because also that may reduce the unsecurities in town. To be noted, development is education and health. So please don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.dscn1234


July 26, 2008

first of all, relationship is keeping a very important place to me, that is the reason why I get into the English Club( BUEC: Barikadimy’s United English Club). Is the place where I can have a lot of friends and I can share with them such my own culture, my lifestyle, customs, and why not knowledge. As an English club, I get an advantage also to meet with lots of foreigners in who are  I  can develop  in better way our relationship.

In term of relationship, it’s so needed indeed the communication between one another. There are a lots of way how can we communicate with one person: let’s say by oral, phone, net,…. As a student at University I love to have tchat with somebody, it’s may give us much reason. As an Economist I noticed a huge different between a northern countries and the southern countries. From my analysies this two parts must have a very close relationship in term of helping each other if we wonna gain a real developpment in this world, like having a differents project such construction some school, hospital, having clean water…

the war

June 28, 2008

I think about the world life. I study economic so that is the reason why I like doing analysis a little about it. The country under developped has a big problem. Now I’m going to tell about a malnitrusion, the children are sorrow because they haven’t anything to eat and so on. But I don’t know why the rich countries spend their money just for a war like US. And sometimes its has also traffik for aperson that means they sell a poor people for having a money . The war or violence exist by a different way. This story makes me sad. If you are interested for this, what we should do ?

The independance date

June 27, 2008

In Madagascar, the independance date is very important for us. We celebrate its birthday yesterday , it was very nice ; The peace is needdy so why our contry thought by its. This story is sad but almost the country in the word must passed by it, I respect so much our fighter because I think that they had big responsability that means they were couragous for our country